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Principally designing for musicals and plays, my work has been presented throughout the United States, as well as productions in Japan, Korea, Australia and China.


In New York City, my work has been seen at the New York Public Theater, the Keen Theatre Company, Off-Broadway at the Westside, Theater Row, & 47th Street Theaters. Also with Playwrights Horizons, The Daryl Roth Theater, 59E59, Cherry Lane, and the John F Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.  National tours, and regional theaters throughout the US. 


As an Associate Designer on Broadway, National, and International touring productions, I have been fortunate to work with some of the best lighting designers in the field, often re-lighting subsequent productions on their behalf, including Ken Billington, Ken Posner, and T.J Gerckens.


I thrive in strong collaboration and seek to bring out the best in my fellow artist’s work.  I typically try to create an open space at the tech table for other members of the creative team to easily come and go, to discuss ideas or simply to sit nearby during tech.  Candy is often served.

One of my favorite moments on a project is when I am sitting in a preview taking notes and I feel the audience finally give themselves completely over to a production. The distractions and stresses of the outside world have fallen away and they are here now, with us, in this present moment. Whether we are laughing, crying, awe struck, or tapping our toes – I feel exceptionally grateful that I get to participate in creating these communal experiences for others.


I recognize the importance of being able to work within the time frame and the budget that an organization has available – this is a responsibility which I take seriously and I believe adaptability is a critical attribute to being a successful lighting designer.


Outside of theater, I have an amazing wife, an awesome cat, I am quick to laugh, enjoy international travel, live music, snow skiing, and back country motorcycle riding. 

I think to be a good story teller it helps to have a big heart and I endeavor each day to carefully observe light and art in the world, to increase my empathy and understanding of others, and to expand my own capacity to love.

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