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Book of the Dead

(Second Avenue)


New York Public Theater

Martinson Hall


Created by John Moran

Scenic Design:  John Moran

Costume Design:  James Schuette

Sound Design:  Andrew Keister

"This soundtrack is digitally created and composed by Moran, as are the visually stunning slides and set. The show also features excellent sound and lighting design by Andrew Keister and Jonathan Spencer, respectively. It all coalesces into a beautifully orchestrated techno-opera."

- Brooke Pierce, Theatermania

A multimedia opera by John Moran - spanning the Egyptian & Tibetan Books of the dead, interspersed by a day in the life of Second Avenue in New York City.


Technically demanding with multiple projection surfaces downstage & upstage of the actors.  Haunting, arresting, at times hopeful or melancholic - John's work is brilliant and leaves a lasting impression.


This production is archived in the Lincoln Center video library.

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