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Woman in Black


Penobscot Theatre Company

angor Opera House


Directed by Bari Newport

Scenic Design:  Sean McClelland

Costume Design:  Kevin Koski

Sound Design:  Brandie Rita

"Terrifying, as in - actually really scary"  These were the marching orders of director Bari Newport.   Many hours were spent in the technical rehearsals with Bari, myself, the scenic designer, the sound designer, and our stage manager all gathered around the tech table arguing, agreeing, brainstorming - just great creative fun - trying to achieve this goal. 


The feeling of that first audible gasp from the audience was just incredible and the gasps, muffled shrieks, and nervous laughter just kept coming.  The collective exhale for the last scene in the play when we finally revert back to the "Workers State" was palpable and very rewarding. 

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